Welcome to Roof & Kitchen Island Reviews!

This is a page where we are going to use our past experience in home and kitchen designing to share some of what we have learned for our readers. We began our page many years ago focusing specifically on kitchen islands and interior design, but thought it would be a good idea to take that concept even further and talk about the rest of your home as well!

There are a lot of resources out there to help you along the way and show you different ways to make your home stand out from others, but many of them take certain design ideas and techniques too far and in our opinion makes it seem as though the home’s owner is trying too hard to stand out.

Now we would like to be clear, being creative and unique is something that we really want to encourage and don’t want to sound like this is a bad thing.


uglyhouseWe have all seen those homes in a neighborhood that is made up of a crazy color scheme that doesn’t match the rest of the house and the design of the home as a whole just kind of falls apart (see picture).

Our main goal for our design ideas and this page altogether is to encourage you to be as creative as possible while still maintaining some sort of style.

We hope you like what we have to say on here and we appreciate you checking us out!