A Creative Flow

Now that we have covered the roofs and siding of your home, we are going to want to keep the same ideas going when it comes to the interior of your home as well and combine the same ideas.

Just like keeping some sort of theme for the roofing and siding of your home and making sure they aren’t complete opposite colors or styles of each other, we have always recommended trying to keep that same sort of theme for the inside of your home as well.

Remember That It’s All One House!

One thing that we have mentioned a number of times on here is that we believe it is important to make your home creative and unique but not to appear as though you are trying too hard for attention.

kitchenIf you decided to go with a dimmer theme on the exterior of your home, such as a gray or blue, then try to stick with that color theme for the interior of your house as well. If you use this example but decide to paint the inside of your house with vibrant and outgoing colors (like a couple of these examples), then it will be a shock to the system for anyone who firsts sees it and is often confusing.

But have fun when you are choosing your color schemes, be creative and let your ideas flow!

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