Now Combine The Two!

So if you are thinking about doing some renovations for your home and want to mix some things up a little bit, what’s the first thing we recommend to our reader?

If you caught our last one then you probably answered correctly, take a look around the neighborhood and see what the theme is for the rest of the neighborhood and start brainstorming!

Make Sure They Compliment

If you are lucky enough to be able to mix up and renovate the roof and siding of your house together, then your options are limitless and it is time to start letting the creativity flow! Remember our general rule of thumb, we always recommend for our readers to be as creative and unique as possible, but don’t give off the impression that you are screaming for attention from anyone that passes by your home.

ugly sidingAttention can be great but as you can see from this picture, not all attention is a good thing. These color schemes can work because it fits with the rest of the homes around, but if you were to choose one of these siding or roof options for a home in a neighborhood that sticks with plain white vinyl siding & asphalt shingles, you are going to be standing out in the worst way possible.

For these sort of “generic” and more popular neighborhood styles, you still have plenty of options for a creative design style.

But make sure you keep everything that we have talked about so far in mind and work off of it all together. Take a look at some of the more popular options for roofing here at – residential & commercial roofing; notice how a lot of these are the more “generic” styles that we have mentioned? Now reference This Old House and some of the many articles they have in regards to the number of siding options and styles they recommend and how to choose them.

Now is the time you let your imagination flow and see what works together and what doesn’t!

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