On To The Siding

Keeping with the same theme and general idea of our page, the siding of your home is going to be the same thing as the rest of our ideas. We think that it is important to choose siding that you will genuinely love and appreciate for your home and get your neighbors talking.

Sometimes however, the type, style, and/or color of your home’s siding will have them talking but not the way you wanted or hoped for.

Take A Look Around

neighborhood (1)A good exercise that we have always encouraged our readers and friends to do is to take a couple laps around your neighborhood and really take in what you see and what sort of designs are the most popular among your neighbors.

Are most of the homes sticking with some sort of general theme? Are the colors vibrant and inviting? Or are they on the duller scheme or colors (quick side note, here are some tips if you are among those with the faded schemes!) and sticking with a dimmer theme overall?

Along with the roof on your home that we discussed last time, you should keep the same ideas in mind for the siding and exterior of your home in that we generally recommend steering away from choosing the exact same concepts, styles, and colors that you see throughout the neighborhood but sticking with the overall general theme.

We hope this idea isn’t confusing but if it is, don’t be afraid to get in contact with one of our editors and we will be happy to clear anything up!

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