On To The Reviews

I hope our little introductions to how we feel about both kitchen islands and a home’s exterior have made sense so far.

Now that we have gotten that out of the way, we can begin talking about what we brought our page back for in the first place!

Let me preface all of the reviews that we are about to discuss by saying that 99.9% of what we are going to talk about is all up to personal preferences. You might completely agree with what we think and you may have a completely different opinion and that is totally fine.

That being said, let us begin.

Roofs & Siding

home2If you couldn’t tell by now, we here at Kitchen Island Reviews generally prefer designs and styles that stand out from others and don’t blend in with the rest of the neighborhood. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but being unique and creative is something that is very important to us.

As far as roofs and siding goes, we generally like to steer away from colors that the majority of the neighborhood has while not trying too hard to attract attention (click here to see what we mean). Some of our favorite brands and roofing styles that we have seen over the years can be viewed here at ofallonroofer.com/. As you can see, the styles that are shown don’t look like they are going out of their way to attract attention, but when you really look at them you can tell that they are definitely among the more modern and sleek of designs.

Just as important as the roof, we will begin talking about the siding of your home next.


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On To The Exterior

Now that we have discussed a little bit about the interior of a house, mostly in regards to the kitchen, we can shift gears a little bit and take a look at the outside of the house and discuss what it takes to get creative in this aspect of your home.

Creativity… Again

island3Just like utilizing your creativity with your kitchen and inside of your house, you can apply the same ideas to the exterior of your home as well! In today’s day and age there are a huge number of choices out there when you are deciding on the perfect style and design for your home.

Whether you choose to go with the more traditional asphalt roofing shingles and vinyl siding, or want to mix it up a little bit and try metal on your home, there are countless options for you to choose from. The exterior of your home is the first thing that any guest that you decide to have over is going to see and it never hurts to leave a good first impression.

Some may choose to stick with the neighborhood trends and blend in with the rest, but personally we love to think outside of the box and make our homes stand out from the rest. Even for those of you out there who prefer the more traditional styles, you can still find options out there that will make your home stand out.

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Endless Choices!

These days, people are spoiled for choices over the number of kitchen island designs to choose from. You can pick and choose the design and shape of your kitchen island, it does not matter whether you want to have it rectangular, triangular, and squarish or even round shaped in design. As it is basically used as an area to facilitate food preparation, the island is the heart of your kitchen.

Get Creative!

Creativity is the key to conceiving both kitchen island and roof designs. If you want to separate your cooking area from the dining area, then large islands are useful. You can have additional kitchen island furniture like breakfast bars and other electrical appliances to give you that triangular look of sink-stove-refrigerator combination.

island2Apartments and condos which have more open space can use this kind of kitchen island design. Some kitchen islands even come with wheels and can be moved in between meals so that the space can be better utilized for other purposes. Smaller-sized islands are usually more flexible and can fit in anywhere and hence most people find that two small islands serve better than one large one and most importantly it usually goes well with the existing kitchen furniture.

Whether it is contemporary or traditional or Avant-Gardes style of kitchen island furniture you are looking at, always take the expert opinions of a professional to create your unique custom kitchen island designs.

Kitchen islands are extremely functional units in the kitchen and hence needs to be designed well, keeping in mind the dimensions of your kitchen furniture. You can approach professionals to get the perfect kitchen island furniture to match it with. If you are handy with tools, you can refer to home improvement magazines or television shows to build your kitchen island furniture.

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Why The Increase in Demand?

Over the last decade or so, with television channels promoting more and more food networks, people are getting very interested in revamping their kitchen, giving it a brand new and stylish look while trying to use it in more ways than one. The main reason for the increase in the demand for kitchen island designs is to give your kitchen a trendy yet functional look. Sleek and modern home renovations in addition to Kitchen island furniture is more sought after now than ever before and manufacturers are working hard towards producing pieces which are of high quality as well as value for money.

Personal Preference

Most home improvement magazines are advertising a great variety of kitchen island designs that suit all types of kitchens yet the perfect design for your kitchen should be based on your own personal requirements. First of all, you need to be sure of all the dimensions to create a practical and efficient island structure.

Additionally the size of the kitchen island should depend on the amount of room available in the kitchen. If you want a more compact kitchen island, then you may want to consider its length and decide how deep you want it to be. Typically the length and depth should be in accordance to the family member’s height. The island should also be designed such that it will facilitate easy entry in and out of the kitchen without blocking the way to other electrical appliances.

Thanks for taking the time to check us out and we hope you find the information we let you all in on is something you can get on board with!

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